Thin Wool Felt

Thin Felt is felt that measures less than 2 millimetres, anything thicker than that and it will be classified as thick felt. The manufacturing process of thin and thick felts is practically the same; wool fleece (the fibres) are compacted using water, pressure, warmth and movement to create the felt. Mechanisms are put in place to determine the thinness or thickness of the felt, if you want to create thin felt, you ensure the thickness is less than 2mm , on the other hand if you want to create thick felt, you aim for thickness of over 2 millimetre. Thankfully you do not need to worry about the manufacturing process, you just need to think of the lovely creations you want to make with our thin felt.

There are several reasons why thin wool felt should be used in craft instead of artificial materials created from chemicals, one reason often cited by most of our customers is the fact that thin felt and felt in general are biodegradable, once it is not needed and disposed (it can even be composted) it degrades quickly because it is made entirely of natural materials.

If you are new to creating materials with felt and need more information or inspiration to put some of our thin felt to good use, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss some of the creative uses we and some of our customers have put thin felt to.