Thick Wool Felt

Wool felt has been used by man for many purposes for hundreds of years.

In the production of wool felt the fibres are compacted using water, pressure, warmth and movement. The resulting felt can range from quite a soft material to a rock hard fabric, depending on the duration of the felting process and the pressure used. As wool felt is an entirely natural product, it is very eco friendly and once worn out and no longer needed can be disposed of safely without harm to the environment.

Our thick wool felt consists of 100% pure wool and comes in many different attractive colours and thicknesses. The quality of the thick felt is superb, manufactured in Germany meeting rigorous EU standards (DIN 61205) . It is water-, dirt- and fire resistant, making it safe and easy to care for.
The thickness of the wool felt ranges from 2mm, 3mm to 5mm, the maximum width is 180cm. Smaller felt squares are available also.

There are versatile uses for thick felt, it is suitable for making pouches, laptop cases, bags,mobile phone pouches,Christmas stockings, hats table mats, rugs and can be used for display purposes and as backdrop in exhibitions. When cut it does not fray, making it easy to work with.